Jim Morin, Editorial Cartoonist for the Miami Herald talks about Animating Comic Strips

We are delighted to bring you this brief insight into the world of this Pultizer Prizewinning cartoonist.

Jim Morin makes use of Toon Boom’s animation technology to create and deliver his own style of political editorial comment through cartoons. His powerful cartoons reflect his own words,  as he says, “..the most important requirement of “editorial” cartoons is that the drawing take a point of view, humorous or not.” (Jim Morin, Miami Herald).

In any business time is money and deadlines count, but in the world of journalism, deadlines also mean beating the competition and getting to readers before someone else breaks the news. Toon Boom Animate allows him to do just that.

Read the Jim Morin Toon Boom user story here

The Lone Ranger an editorial cartoon by Jim Morin

Jim Morin has been an editorial cartoonist for The Miami Herald since 1978. He won the Pulitzer Prize in 1996 and in 1983 with other members of the Herald’s editorial board. He also won the 2007 Herblock Prize, 1999 Thomas Nast Society award, and the 1996 National Press Foundation award amongst others. His cartoons are syndicated internationally by MorinToons syndicate.

Thanks to Jim Morin and the Miami Herald

See Jim  Morin’s editorial page on the Miami Herald website

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